Having Fun With An Airplane Simulator

Flying with a flight simulator game for the PC can be the most realistic experience that’s as close to the real thing as possible. Its great fun just to play the game and get experience of flying a plane, but its also great preparation experience for becoming a pilot later on. There is in fact one simulator that is so realistic, its been voted the next best thing to actually flying a plane you can get. You can download it here: Flight Simulator

Best flight simulator games download

Virtual pilot 3d is definitely the best of the flight simulator games you can find anywhere. It is actually so realistic it is FAA certified and is actually used by real live pilots for their training. Why? Simply because this game is so realistic and provides not only a realistic cockpit but realistic aircraft and scenery too. This flight simulator has revolutionized the flight sim industry and other games are simply rushing to catch up with this advanced software for the PC. You get to fly in over 200+ different aircraft in various locations and scenery of your choice. Even a real life pilot doesn’t get to choose from this amount of plane models, as they are limited to only a few. This includes both airplanes and helicopters. You can even choose to fly rare planes that you just can’t get in other flight simulators available today.

The software supports both Windows and Mac machines, so everyone can experience this totally immersive flight simulation software whatever their PC type. This flight simulator software even supports extra hardware such as your yoke, throttle and foot pedals to make your flight simulation experience even more realistic than ever before. To add even more to the realism, the scenery in this game has been enhanced even more so you experience super high quality surroundings, enjoying views of cities, rivers, lakes and roads from all around the world. No other flight simulator download is more realistic than this one.

This flight simulation is as close to actually flying the real thing as you can get – without actually being inside the real thing. You actually use all of the controls just like you would in real life, you can re-fuel in mid air, make second-by-second real landings just as you would in a real plane fully in control of all of the switches, dials and controls, choose to land in over 25,000+ real airports from around the world, you are playing the game in real time, and can even connect to Google maps so you can pin point your exact location in the world. Exploring the air by plane is certainly an incredible experience, and its really brought to life with thrilling detail in this game. Download it now from the following link and you will see why it has been voted the best: Flight Simulator Games

This simulator takes into account seasonal effects and has extremely detailed time of day modelling. That means that even the celestial bodies… i.e the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Planets all do follow their correct paths in the simulator, just like they do in real life.

The game also has Ground lighting in built-up urban areas, cars moving on major highways with headlamps on, accurate airport approach lights, and tower warning lights…

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