4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Earbuds Wireless


Are you going to purchase wireless earbuds? If yes, it’s time to find out what factors you need to pay attention to. This detailed buying guide will help you look deep into this hi-tech device and then pick a model that brings ultimate comfort into your life.

Battery Life

The main reason for going with earbuds wireless is to skip all the wires. However, if a product brings you back to square one, where you need to charge it over and over, what’s the point of getting it? In simple words, always inquire about the battery life. It will help if you read reviews of customers to find all about payback time. When this time is less than two hours, you would have to skip that specific device and go with one that runs for a long time. At least, get an earbud with more than eight hours of run time.

Sound Quality

No matter how much money you spend on an earphone, if it doesn’t offer good quality, then it becomes worthless. The quality depends on the codec, which is a way of audio transmission over Bluetooth; when a wireless earphone is of cheap quality, it can only support low complexity subband codec like SBC. Since this codec encodes all frequencies separately. The whole process is quite time-consuming. Therefore, SBC supported codec causes delay in audio transmission. You have to experience this delay while watching a video or playing games. Since I don’t offer support for higher bitrate audio, you can’t have as fantastic an experience as you expect. Therefore, when you shop for wireless earbuds, you should go with aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC 900 supported devices. All these codecs support faster bit rate, and they work far better than SBC. Although they lose some audio quality, they work very well with android devices.

If you own an Apple device, then try to get wireless earbuds with Apple’s proprietary AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) codec. The reason for going with this specific device is to enjoy High-quality audio playback.

Perfect Fit

Your ear has a specific shape, and thereby not every wireless earbud offers a good fit. If an earphone doesn’t fit your ears the way it should, you experience discomfort. You can’t go with a lousy fit accessory; it will give you a hard time. Besides, when you have sensitive outer ears, you may feel hurt while using these earbuds. The whole convenience level drops due to a wrong fit device.

The earphone has either plastic or rubber tips. It’s recommended to go with rubber tips. They are easy on the inner ear area and won’t irritate your skin. On the flip side, plastic ones aren’t very gentle in your ear hole. If you don’t mind spending extra, then custom-molded tips and foam tips seem like two good options to consider, especially when you have sensitive ears.


Controls on wireless earbuds bring an extra cushion of comfort into your life. The expensive model like Apple Airpods doesn’t have any eartips to adjust to your sound requirement. Fortunately, you can get third-party ear tips that can go with Apple Airpods. Another good idea is to try AirPods Pro, which has silicon ear tips and a noise cancellation feature. It would help if you had more controls on your device so that it’s not tricky for you to change the music and receive calls with a simple tap. Besides, ear tips make your wireless device truly wireless.

Wrap Up

Finally, you got a clear picture in mind of all the factors that you need to look into while shopping for wireless earbuds. Next time, keep them in mind to make a smart purchase.


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