How To Replace Different Types Of PC Batteries


PC batteries are essential elements that influence the efficiency and performance of your PC. They are also prone to damages and quality limitations that may warrant PC battery replacements. The market is packed with several dealers of Batterie PC portable products.

In this post, we look at tips for replacing PC batteries.

Replacing a removable or portable PC battery

Replacing a removable PC battery is relatively easy. The tricky part is getting the replacement PC battery. When looking for the best replacement battery, you need to do the first thing to find the perfect product. This means that the battery needs to be 100% compatible with your machine.

You can find the most compatible replacement battery by checking the model or part number under the battery. You can use the number to search for the new battery. Also, make sure that the battery is a perfect size. The best thing to do would be to purchase the new battery from your laptop manufacturer or a reputable third-party vendor.

After finding the new battery, the next thing you should do is to turn off your computer and take out the old battery. The way you turn off your laptop depends on the model and brand. You also need to disconnect the AC adapter and make sure the machine is not charging. Most of the time, removable PC batteries are usually found at the bottom or along the machine’s back and are easy to detach from the device. Ensure you use the release latch to remove the old battery.

From there, you can effortlessly insert the new PC battery the same way the old one was. Proceed to slide back the release latch so that the battery is perfectly in place. It would help if you researched ways to dispose of the old battery.

Replacing a non-removable PC battery

Replacing a non-removable laptop battery is more work than the former. However, it is something that you need to know because most new laptop brands have non-removable PC batteries.

In this case, after purchasing the replacement battery and turning off the computer, you need to remove the screws from the back of your machine. Ensure you use a properly sized screwdriver to remove the screws. Sometimes, the screws are hidden under rubber covers. Proceed to remove the CD or DVD drive if your computer has one. From there, detach the bottom panel of your machine, then access the battery. Once you locate the battery, you can remove it and replace it with the new PC battery.

Ensure there are no cables or wires attached to your device while you do this. It is also worth mentioning that if you are not knowledgeable about the process and are not tech-savvy, hiring a professional helps with this process.


Replacing a removable PC battery is quite simple. However, replacing a non-removable on in-built battery takes a lot of work. Therefore, you may want to get professional assistance if you fear that you may cause more harm to your device if you do it by yourself.


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