Advantages of Single Board Computers


Single Board computers are single circuit computers where everything is controlled from one point. These computers are becoming popular in small and large businesses because of their advanced and less complicated technology.

Many brands offer various SBCs for different applications and additional features. So, they will fit nicely in every company’s system. Geniatech is one such brand known for its SBCs and other advanced technology products collection. You can go now to check their collection and learn more about these computers.

Buying SBCs is a bit different than traditional computers because their system and mechanism vary a lot. But how?

This article will explain the advantages of SBC computers that will help you understand why these computers are all over the market!

#1 Low Cost

Many people might disagree with this low-cost concept because these computers are more expensive than traditional computers. However, every device has two kinds of expenses; the purchase and hidden costs.

So, you might have spent more to buy these computers, but their hidden cost is lesser than the traditional ones. But what is the hidden cost?

Hidden cost includes the power consumption of computer, their maintenance and repair cost, the cost of hardware needed to complete the system, and many more. And all these factors are described below!

#2 Low Power Consumption

The SBCs are designed for minimum power consumption. These computers work with a single board that reduces their consumption than other traditional computers, embedded systems, and microcontrollers. And when the computer consumes less power, it minimizes the electricity bills to a noticeable level, especially in large corporations.

#3 Small Size

The SBCs are compact computers with small footprints. With the advancement in computer technology, computer size is always the main focus of technologists, and we can see that from room-sized computers to these compact designs.

So, with the size reduction, these computers not only cover less space but also consume less energy and produce less heat.

#4 Reduced Complexity

The SBCs are not only compact but a complete computer package. These computers are designed to minimize the use of hardware, ultimately simplifying the whole network and reducing hardware cost.

With the continuous decrease in cost, a company can spend more money on R&D, which leads to product innovation. When ordering the computer, you can even choose the number of I/O pins according to your requirements to reduce the add-ons.

#5 Customization

Customization is the key benefit of these computers. So, you can buy a computer for specific applications, multiple applications, or different versions of the same applications. The customization makes networking simple and also reduces the chances of interference.

#6 Advanced Control

Unlike traditional computers, SBCs are designed with different systems to control the computer’s functioning and features. You can control these computers through Bluetooth, remote control, Smartphones, and many other ways. But make sure that you choose the right option when placing the order.


The advantages of SBCs are a lot more than this list. So, if you are looking for smart, less complicated, low-cost, high-speed, and small-sized computers, SBCs can be an ideal solution. So, make the list of your requirements and place your order now!


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